Are you planning to travel to Hong Kong? We can help you. In Enjoy Hong Kong you will find updated information on what to see, where to sleep or better eating areas.

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The weather in Hong Kong
What is the best time to travel? Is it very hot during the summer? When is the rainy season in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s climate is subtropical and the temperature can be considered pleasant throughout the year. Most of the day the city is totally cloudy and it is usual that there are relatively thick fogs.

Two clearly differentiated seasons
In Hong Kong, as in most Southeast Asian cities, two distinct seasons are clearly distinguished: the wet and the dry.

The dry season lasts from November to March and during these months the average level of precipitation is about 35mm. The rest of the months the averages become ten times higher. During the wet season there is also the risk of typhoons.

Best time to visit Hong Kong
For us the best time to visit Hong Kong is during its dry season. Besides not having to suffer such abundant rains, the temperature is much more temperate. In the summer months are easily exceeded 30 ° C, something that together with the high level of humidity produces a feeling of overwhelm.

I am very shocked by the comments from people who say that in Hong Kong there are few places to visit or that it is a city with no personality. It is a capital that can be at the level of New York or Tokyo, with a huge cultural offer, a very rich colonial heritage and a very unique mixture of cultures. Given that you will be there for about five days, we recommend the following places to visit:

The first thing we would recommend is to go up to Victoria’s Peak. In addition to the views, it can serve to give you a visual map of how the city is structured. Remember that it is formed by several islands and a continental zone.
As a curiosity it is well to climb the Central escalator to Mid-Levels, an invention of the most peculiar to overcome the steep slopes of the island of Hong Kong.
The Man Mo Temple is one of the most revered on the island of Hong Kong, not very spectacular on the inside, but worth getting in if you’re around the Sheung Wan area and seeing its huge incense spirals.
The counterpoint is put by Wong Tai Sin Temple in Kowloon which is beautiful on the outside and inside is full of people praying.
Curiosear in some pharmacy where they sell traditional Chinese medicine products, another thing is that you dare to try the remedies.
One of the best value boat rides in the world is the one provided by the Star Ferry. You have to catch it at least once in the day and another at night to see the skyline illuminated by 2.5 HKD, that is, about 25 cents.
You are not a tourist in Hong Kong until you take the photo with the statue of Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars and then enjoy the light show over the bay.
If your trip coincides with a holiday (such as the Chinese New Year), search the streets to see if you encounter any Chinese Lion and Dragon dance.
For architecture lovers, it is imperative to compare Norman Foster’s HSBC Main Building with Ieoh Ming Pei’s Bank of China Tower.
Travel by bus to the south of the island of Hong Kong and stroll quietly through Stanley Village. The double-decker bus ride through that area is already an experience in itself.
If you travel with children you can spend a morning at Ocean Park, a more popular amusement park in Hong Kong than the Disney located in Lantau.
In spite of the huge floating restaurants in Aberdeen you will find one of the less touristy areas of the city and you can take a stroll in sampán by the port.
To prove that Hong Kong is more than just an asphalt jungle is very interesting to travel to Tai O, a delightful fishing village that retains its charms … until the metropolis devours.
There are several places to take refuge from the chaos and frenetic pace of the city. Our favorites are Kowloon Park, Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden.
To practice the noble art of bargaining or go hunting and catching the most kitschy items in Asia you have the Temple Street Night Market or the Mong Kok Markets.
Another essential is to go by cable car to the Po Lin Monastery on the island of Lantau and see the immense Buddha of Tian Tau. We had it a span but we did not see it in the fog. You can book here a Spanish excursion to the island of Lantau.
If you are some Sunday in the city do not be surprised if you see dozens of Filipino women in the streets enjoying their day off.