3 factors visitors should know about Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most popular tourist destination in the world, the best shopping destination in Asia, and the most expensive city in China according to professional surveys and various news agencies. Hong Kong has the best subway system in the world, and many other outstanding features.
Here is a list of 10 important and useful factors for tourists and visitors.

Millions upon millions of tourists: The small city unbelievably beats Greater London and all other cities as a tourist destination. 26 million tourists visited Hong Kong in 2014, according to Euromonitor International. In comparison, only 23 million visited Singapore, and it is in second place.

The small region received almost half of the tourists as all of China does. Around 26 million tourists arrived in 2014 compared to 56 million for the whole of China. The vast majority of those who come are from mainland China, but the city also receives millions of people from other countries.

One of the most recommended tourist places in the world: According to TripAdvisor in 2016, among all the recommended places or cities of China in 2016, Hong Kong is in first place. It is in the top 20 of world destinations on TripAdvisor. They comment that Hong Kong is one of the most interesting places in the world.

What makes HK so popular?
World-class shopping and various attractions, and also many other features that attract people.
Safety and comfort: comparative public safety, well-run services, and a clean environment favor a pleasant visit. People feel that they can relax and enjoy time to rest in a way that other cities cannot. The visit is stress free.
The good environment: The climate is relatively mild, less pollution, clean, there are large natural areas and good beaches that combine to make it attractive.
Tourist friendliness: The city is designed for tourism. People are more polite and many speak English. They are more useful for foreign tourists.

2. Millions of people enjoy the three best places!
Victoria Harbor and its surroundings are known to be one of the most beautiful urban places in the world. For tourists coming for the first time with the one or two day trip, the best places to go are around or near it:

Ascend Victoria Peak (7 million people a year): The # 1 most popular place for visitors to Hong Kong by TripAdvisor and other sources is this peak on Hong Kong Island, and it is our most recommended local destination. You can easily get to Central via the popular Peak Tram (HKD 22 or USD 2.8), 15C bus (about 60 cents on the dollar), or a taxi (about $ 5.50). The best time to go is in the afternoon to see the sunset at sea, and then the city lights up.
See the horizon and Light Up (10,000 daily): The # 1 thing to do on TripAdvisor is see the horizon. You can do it along the Avenue of Stars, every day at 8pm, barring bad weather, is the symphony of lights orchestration with sound.
Riding the Star Ferry (26 million trips a year): This ten-minute trip to Tsim Sha Tsui in Central over the port is the fastest way to get from the Avenue of Stars area to Central. About 30 cents USD.
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3. Tourists enjoy the best shops in Asia.
According to the 2016 Buyer Survey, Hong Kong is the best shopping city in the Asia Pacific region. It is topping among the other cities in your estimation, from entertainment and attractions to the quality of the services of the malls and shops, and the best prices.

People from all over the world come to Hong Kong to do business and enjoy its high quality. They find the best place in Asia to buy electronics, fashion, watches and jewelry. The city’s luxury shops do a lot of business, and it makes Hong Kong the number one spot in the world for retail until the recent stock market crash in China. But Hong Kong still ranks second after New York in 2019.

Tips for buying
For luxury fashion, visit the IFC Mall and its adjacent Landmark Mall. See Hong Kong’s 5 best luxury shopping malls for tourists.
Bargain or mid-priced fashion stores: The Ladies Market. See How to Plan 1 Day Middle Budget Tour
For computer / electronics bargains, Sham Shui Po or Golden Computer Center at Ladies Market usually has the best deals on computers and accessories in Hong Kong.
In the case of high-end and advanced technology, the IFC Mall has a Bose and a large Apple store, and other stores.
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There is less chance that the products are counterfeit in Hong Kong than in mainland China, where there is still a rigid fee on most types of items, so shopping in Hong Kong makes sense. For luxury fashion, shopping in Hong Kong could be 40 to 60% cheaper than in “China”.hong kong

Attention tourists! The city has a problem. Hotels and rooms are quite expensive. Various news sources such as The Guardian declared Hong Kong as the first or second most expensive city to live.

Rooms are expensive: The smallest and cheapest hostel-style rooms in Chung King mansions cost from HKD 250 or $ 33 or so for a four-by-four room with a hot shower. There has been a massive influx of tourists from the mainland, buyers, entrepreneurs, and merchants in the past five years. They are looking for bargains, so they have raised rates at the lowest cost hotels.

Grocery stores are expensive too: In 2018, milk and other staples are costing 31 percent more than in New York. This is partly because most food is imported, but also partly because the Hong Kong currency that is pegged to the United States dollar has increased.