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Hong Kong is currently the most influential city in Southeast Asia. Its more than 7 million inhabitants in just 1,000 square kilometers give rise to one of the most densely populated regions of the planet.

Why visit Hong Kong?

For us the correct question would be: How is it possible to travel to China and not visit Hong Kong? Visiting the former British colony will offer us a totally different view of traditional China.

Hong Kong is a city where the contrasts are worthy of admiration: Wealth and poverty, light and gloom and eastern and western are some of the classifications that visitors can make. No doubt the 150 years of colonial influence and the 5,000 years of Chinese tradition have made Hong Kong a place with its own personality.

Hong Kong is one of the economic engines of China and its most modern city. Hong Kong is a city that does not sleep, a city with dozens of leisure and cultural visits, with dozens of markets and street markets and with a skyline that leaves behind cities such as New York.

The image offered by the illuminated Victoria Bay, contemplate the show Symphony of Lights and enjoy a dinner in a skyscraper are compelling reasons to travel and enjoy Hong Kong.

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The most complete Hong Kong guide

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Weather in Hong Kong
What is the best time to travel? Is it very hot during the summer? When is the rainy season in Hong Kong?

The climate of Hong Kong is subtropical and the temperature can be considered pleasant throughout the year. Most of the days the city is totally cloudy and it is usual that there are relatively thick fogs.

Two clearly differentiated stations
In Hong Kong, as in most cities in Southeast Asia, two distinct seasons are clearly distinguished: wet and dry.

The dry season lasts from November to March and during these months the average level of rainfall is about 35mm. The rest of the months the averages become ten times higher. During the wet season there is also the risk of typhoons.

Best time to visit Hong Kong
For us the best time to visit Hong Kong is during its dry season. Besides not having to suffer such abundant rains, the temperature is much more temperate. In the summer months, 30ÂșC are easily surpassed, something that, together with the high level of humidity, produces a feeling of overwhelm.